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The Pineapples manufactured by Pineapple India comply with the levels of International Food Standards acceptable globally.

1. Description

1.1 Product Definition

Canned pineapple is the product (a) prepared from fresh, frozen, or previously canned, mature pineapple, conforming to the characteristics of Ananas comosus (L) Merr. (Ananas sativus (L) Lindl.) and from which peel and core have been removed, (b) packed with water or other suitable liquid medium; it may be packed with nutritive sweeteners as specified in sub-section 2, seasonings, or other ingredients appropriate to the product and (c) processed by heat in an appropriate manner before of after being sealed in a container so as to prevent spoilage.
Pineapple Fruit-global food standards

1.2 Varietal Type

For the purpose of' canning, the types of pineapples used shall be of following varieties:

i) Queen,
ii) Kew

Grades: The material shall be of two grades, namely, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

1.3 Styles

Canned pineapple is packed in the following styles:

1.3.1 Slices or Spiral Slices or Whole Slice or Rings:
Whole Slice are Uniformly cut circular slices or rings cut across the axis of the peeled, cored pineapple cylinders.

1.3.2 Broken Slices: Broken Slices are arc-shaped portions which may not be uniform in size and/or shape.

1.3.3 Tidbits: Tidbits are rasonably uniform, wedge-shaped sectors cut from slices or portions thereof, predominantly from 8 mm to 13 mm thick.

1.3.4 Chunks: Chunks are short, thick pieces cut from thick slices and/or from peeled cored pineapple and predominantly more than 12 mm in both thickness and width, and less than 38 mm in length.

2. Essential Composition And Quality Factors

2.1 Basic Ingredients

Pineapple with or without liquid packing media or with dry nutritive sweeteners appropriate to the product and other optional ingredients as follows:

2.1.1 Packing media Packing medium used, consist of: Juice:
In Juice natural pineapple juice or clarified pineapple juice is the sole liquid packing medium; Syrup: In Syrup water or juice is combined with one or more of the following nutritive sweeteners - sucrose, invert sugar, dextrose, dried glucose syrup, glucose syrup - and classified on the basis of cut-out strength as:

Light Syrup
Medium Syrup
Heavy Syrup The cut-out strength of syrup shall be determined on sample average, but no container may have a Brix value lower than that of the minimum of the next category below.

2.2 Quality Criteria

2.2.1 Definition of Defects Blemish - Surface areas and spots which contrast strongly or colour or texture with the normal pineapple tissue or which may penetrate into the flesh. Such blemishes are normally removed in preparation of pineapple for culinary use and include deep fruit eyes, pieces of shell, brown spots, bruised portions and other abnormalities. Broken - (Considered a defect only in Sliced and Spear styles). A unit severed into definite parts; all of such portions that equal the size of a full-size unit are considered one defect in applying the allowances herein. Excessive Trim - (Considered a defect only in the styles of Whole, Slices including Spiral Slices, Half Slices, Quarter Slices and Spears). A unit trimmed to the extent that its normal shape and conformation is destroyed and detracts from the appearance of such unit. Trim will be considered "excessive" if the portion trimmed away exceeds five percent of the apparent physical bulk of the perfectly formed unit and if such trimming destroys the normal circular shape of the outer or inner edge of the unit.

2.2.2 Flavour

Canned pineapple has a normal flavour and odour free from flavours or odours foreign to the product, and canned pineapple with special ingredients shall have a flavour characteristic of that imparted by the pineapple and the other substances used.

2.2.3 Colour

The colour of the product shall be normal for the varietal type. White radiating streaks may be present. Canned pineapple containing special ingredients shall be considered to be of characteristic colour when there is no abnormal discolouration for the respective ingredient used.

2.2.4 Texture

The canned pineapple shall have a reasonably good texture, the fruitlets shall be reasonably compact in structure, and the product shall be fairly free from porosity. The drained pineapple - of all styles may contain no more than 7% by weight of "core material". In determining, the percentage of core material, the areas which consist of core material are trimmed from the pineapple unit and weighed against the drained fruit ingredient in the container.

2.2.5 Uniformity of Size and Shape

These requirements do not apply to canned pineapple in the styles of: Whole, Broken Slices,
Pieces, Chips or Crushed. Slices or Spiral Slices or Whole Slices or Rings - The weight of the largest slice in a container
shall not be more than 1.4 times the weight of the smallest. Tidbits - Not more than 15% of the drained weight of pineapple in the container may consist of tidbits, each of which shall weigh less than three-fourths of the average weight of the untrimmed tidbits. Chunks - Not more than 15% of the drained weight of pineapple in the container may consist of pieces which weigh less than 5 grammes each.

2.2.6 Allowances for Defects

Canned pineapple shall not contain excessive defects (whether or not specifically defined or as allowed in this standard). Certain common defects shall not be present in amounts greater than the following limitations:

Styles Units with Excessive Trim Blemishes or Blemished Units
Slices or Spiral Slices or Whole Slices; 1 unit if 10 or less per can 1 unit if 5 or less per can
Broken Slices; Tidbits Not applicable 12.5% by count of all units

3. Hygiene

3.1 It is recommended that the product covered by the provisions of this standard be prepared and handled in accordance with the appropriate sections of the Recommended International Code of Practice - General Principles of Food Hygiene .

3.2 To the extent possible in Good Manufacturing Practice, the product shall be free from objectionable matter.

3.3 When tested by appropriate methods of sampling and examination, the product:

- shall be free from microorganisms in amounts which may represent a hazard to health;
- shall be free from parasites which may represent a hazard to health; and
- shall not contain any substance originating from microorganisms in amounts which may represent a hazard to health.

4. Weights And Measures

4.1 Fill of Container

4.1.1 Minimum Fill

The container shall be well filled with fruit and the product (including packing medium) shall occupy not less than 90% of the water capacity of the container. The water capacity of the container is the volume of distilled water at 20?C which the sealed container will hold when completely filled.

4.1.2 Minimum Drained Weight
The drained weight of the product shall be not less than the following percentages, calculated on the basis of the weight of distilled water at 20?C which the sealed container will hold when completely filled:

(a) Whole Slices or Ring Styles -55 %
(b) Tidbits styles -55 %
(c) Chunks Style - 55 % The requirements for minimum drained weight shall be deemed to be complied with when the average drained weight of all containers examined is not less than the minimum required, provided that there is no unreasonable shortage in individual containers.

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